How to dial in your exposure times



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    One very important thing to remember..... when using any of the basic exposure units with an open top, make sure to use a dark or black poster of some sort behind screen when applying the required positive contact to back of screen. We were having an impossible time dialing in exposure times because we were using foam that ships as the backer with the smaller units. To much light goes around the foam exposing from the back to dial in an accurate time especially once you move up to a larger unit. We use a 25 x 36 open top exposure unit. We use black foam board from office depot cut to size and have not had a problem ever since. Just trying to help save time for the up and comers. We went threw reclaiming lots of screens before we realized what was happening. Most videos show the use of the x-vactor and not a lot of open face units. Well thank you for making suck awesome products. Very satisfied! 

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