Emulsion Bubbling Around Image When Washing Out



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    To the OP, did this suggestion work?  I have the exact same problem and can't figure out a solution.  110 Mesh screen, large "spot color" image, 1 coat on front 2 coats on back.

    I'm using WBP Emulsion and burning with a 500W Halogen(no glass on).

    Of Note:  Standard burn time for 1+1 emulsion is 9 minutes per Ryonet.  I've verified that with their Exp. calculator.  I don't have any problems when burning 1+1 coated screens.  Easy image washout and emulsion holds.

    Ok, with a 1 + 2 coat, I originally went with a 12 min burn.  I added 30% burn time to 9 mins gets you 11.7mins hence, 12mins.  The Exp. calc. result was high 6 low 7.  I've linked pic for reference.  Now, I used a ton of water trying to get the image to wash out so maybe that's why the image started bubbling? The Exp Calc nor the image would wash out though(the pink hue you see in the image is emulsion)?  It's as though the 2nd coat washed out on the print side, giving you the image you see but beneath it the first layer locked?  Even though the Exp calc was at the low end of step 7?


    Then, same coat #s and setup, I tried 14 mins. to see if the emulsion bubbling was maybe due to being slightly underexposed?  I've linked 2 pics for this burn.  Got a 7 on the Exp calc.  Once again, used a lot of water to try and rinse out the image.  The emulsion began to bubble and peel  Also, same exact problem though, the print side(2nd emulsion coat?) image seemed to wash out but I couldn't get any of the image to wash out below that.



    I can get a proper exposure time with 14mins, step 7, but why won't the image wash out?

    If it was an opacity issue with the film positive the 2nd coat of emulsion(closest to bulb when burning) would harden and not washout.  It's actually the emulsion below the 2nd coat or even the squeegee side coat that's locking? What would cause that?

    Thanks for any advice

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