How to use direct emulsion, screen printing emulsion tips




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    Andrew Huffman

    t is always best to start with the highest quality direct emulsion for the best performance. Make sure to choose your emulsion properly for your printing application. Understanding emulsion characteristics will help you do that with beneficial results.
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    jesse toves

    what about the wbp hybrid emulsion? is the exposure time longer or shorter? because i have that emulsion and it seems every time i expose my art work and i rinse it, it seems like it starts too peel off and i follow the time on the exposure unit i bought from ryonet.

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    Hey Jesse,

    WBP exposes longer than ready for use emulsions.  Another thing to keep in mind is your humidity levels.  That emulsion needs to dry within a 30-50% humidity range.  Drying above that range can cause the emulsion to wrinkle and peel as well.  What exposure unit do you have and how long are you exposing for?

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