CMYK 4 Color Process Color Profiles




  • Eedann McCord

    How do I insert it into Photoshop? Could you give me a step-by-step breakdown?

  • Lainey

     This will help with Photoshop.

  • Nigel Sanders


    Thanks for all the great resources and information, but do you have an updated version of how to add the color profiles to Adobe CS6?

    Thanks again-


  • Nigel Sanders

    Never Mind. I figured it Out.

    in Photoshop CS6 go to EDIT > COLOR SETTINGS (very bottom).

    In the pop up dialog box click LOAD on the right hand side.

    Navigate to the unzipped CMYK PROFILES folder and individually load the (2) .CSF files.

    I think that is it.

    Thx again!

  • Lainey

    Glad to hear you were able to figure it out, Nigel!

  • Lost Cause

    Hey i just downloaded CMYK 4 Color Process Color Profiles but have Photoshop CS5 for Mac, I also have Separation Studio and AccuRIP.  My question is, how do i set up CMYK for photoshop CS5 so I don't keep getting a warming message every time i try and use it?


  • Lost Cause

    Oh also under Color Settings> Spot> Dot Gain 30%, What is Dot Gain used for?

  • Lainey

    Hi Lost Cause,

     We apologize for the delay!  Take a look at this video for setting up the color profiles properly:
    Regarding dot gain, you do not need to mess with this.  Accurip will overwrite any adjustments you make to your halftones, frequency, etc. 

  • Lost Cause

    Thank you for your reply!  Where can i find the ink colors L*a*b* numbers?


  • Lainey

    Hey Lost Cause,

    You can find them at this link: The 764, 743, 724 and the K are the ones that you will want to input for our 4 color process inks.


    I can seperate CMYK but not able to change colours .......CAN anyone help me in it........

    I want to print in digital .....nd having more than 10 colour in my image.... how i  can change the colors in it....... I had seperated CMYk but dont know how to change the colours for digital printing..... I go through many links but all the links are for screen prinint.

    plz help

  • Lainey

    Hello Ashish,

    Four color process will only give you four colors for separation, but still achieve the entire color spectrum.  It sounds like you're trying to do spot color separation.  Here's a video that will help point you in the right direction.

  • albe jude rea

    Hi! Good Day! 

    is it okay to use Epson L210 Printer after all the works done in Photoshop? 

    Thank you very much :)

  • Lainey

    Hello Albe Jude Rea,

    We have never used that printer before to tel you how it would perform, unfortunately.  To do 4 color process you have to print halftones.  Standard inkjet printers do not have the ability to do that without using a RIP software and our RIP is not compatible with that printer.

  • Buz

    i tried to use the cmyk 4  color process but my photoshop program is telling me it can't be reconized what do i do?

  • mori66

    i need but i cant find this file plz help me .this is very emergency my mail is

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