Issues With Blotching Ink Or Excess Ink On Films




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    Chris Bledsoe

    My problem began with the refil bladders.  My Epson 1430 has been printing the image w/ bands of dark and light since the change over .  Epson suggests I clean the print heads, which I've done repeatedly.  I still get banded images three out of four times I print to the film.   The printer is useless now.  The droplet weight test was run and adjustments made but no change.  Am I missing a simple fix here ?  Love to hear from anyone with a helpful suggestion.



    Wildwoods Embroidery

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    Hello Chris,

    Our apologies- your comment had been caught in our moderation queue.  What do your ink levels show for each cartridge?  If you're at or below a quarter, it's a good idea to replace them first before any further troubleshooting.

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