Combat The Cold And Plastisol Inks With IC




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    Corbett Petersen

    I have a shop that is about 80 years old that was a former corrugated sheet metal machine shop. It has zero insulation and temperatures inside it vary greatly season to season, as well as generally high humidity (outside temperatures are mild however). Adding a reducer works in winter but have found inks become a little too thinned for my liking when temperatures inside are making me sweat. In that case I have some inks in smaller batches separated as "reducer" and "no reducer".  An in-house fix was to rig an old refrigerator to act as a sort of incubator like one would use for chicken eggs. A low temperature appliance bulb that had a timer switch put in to keep it on when the door is closed keeps the stored inks around 70-75 degrees overnight and reduces the need for additives unless their use is needed for something else other than managing ink temperatures.

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    Awesome information Corbett- thank you for sharing!

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