How Do I Know What Line Screen And Mesh Count I Should Use?




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    Tohiro Shou Yamashiro

    can u help me how to measure the open area of screen and wire cloth weave?

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    Tohiro Shou Yamashiro

    i want a detail and easy to understand~  :)

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    Hello Tohiro,

    That depends on where you get your screens.  Below is a table that we have on our Aluminum screens.  The Frame I.D. is the mesh area of the screen.

    Frame Size (O.D.) Frame I.D. Printable Area Scoop Coater Size Max Squeegee Size
    20x24 17.25x21.25 ~14x18 16" 15"
    23x31 20.25x28.25 ~17x25 19" 18"
    25x36 22x33 ~19x30 21" 20"
    38x40 35x37 ~32x35 34" 33"
    42x48 39x45 ~36x42 38" 37"

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